Become a Friend of the Program

Partners in Progress

Our Partners in Progress are comprised of organizations and individuals who actively work to help the foundation develop informational resources that will benefit students.


Our mentors are inspirational leaders that provide our students with positive images of successful people who can identify with overcoming struggles. The mentor program allows our students access to great individuals in their desired work field.

Committee & Board Members

Our board of directors is comprised of members who are invested in the success of students who achieve academic excellence in the midst of challenges. A majority of the members on this board identify with the struggles the scholarship program aims to combat.


The volunteers of the LLF have work diligently toward meeting the goals of the organization to provide the best resources for our students. Members of this group believe in the mission and have dedicated time and energy into finding resources for students to become successful in their academic endeavors.


The individuals who give to the foundation truly believe in the vision of the organization; to help students in disadvantaged situations pursue post secondary educational opportunities.