How You Can Make a Difference

Support students as they turn their Intention into Action

The Leading by Legacy Foundation, especially our scholarship program, targets students who  prior to entering  institutions  of higher education  have already demonstrated a strong desire and ability to work toward the resolution of a goal, no matter what adversity they might face in their lives. If you believe as we do that these very special future leaders and thinkers,  should be celebrated but more importantly supported  for their contributions, please give. The Leading by Legacy Foundation is a public 501c(3) charity.

What can I do:

Employ the Most Excellent

Attract students whose drive for academic success, inspires others to do the same.

Provide Endowments for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Show students we believe in their dreams by helping them attain a sound education. A helping hand can be in the form of a financial gift, let us help our students fund their education.

Be More Than a Financial Backer

Good advice is hard to find, especially when you are trying to find your way. We pass on wise counsel through our mentoring program. Students can contact mentors via email or locally to receive guidance.