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The Denise Bowers Memorial Scholarship

In Honor of Beverly Denise Bowers-Harrison

3 webDenise, as she was affectionately known, was an enthusiast, advocate, and unwavering supporter for all things related to the development of happy and healthy children. Denise was the proud mother of four, and her commitment to her children’s activities—no matter what or where—was unwavering. Her smiling face supported their every effort, and she often bolstered community and team spirit as well with loud cheering from the sidelines.

Professionally, Denise dedicated her career as an occupational therapist to the care of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. She worked with children and families in Atlanta, Georgia and Oakland, California areas. Denise was naturally drawn to learning about the children in the area, their circumstances, and their families. Denise became very concerned about the impact of violence on the lives of children, especially those in the Oakland area. She often wondered how these children’s lives might be forever changed by what they experienced.

As her health declined, Denise experienced firsthand the extraordinary love that only children can give. Denise was touched by acts of kindness of her children’s friends, friends from her church and community; but most of all she was humbled by the unselfish dedication her own children gave to her. She became more and more dependent upon her own children to assist with running their home and with her own care. Denise was so proud of her children she would often become tearful when she spoke of what they were sacrificing in order to be near her.

Throughout her life and in her final days, Denise was kind, gracious and thankful for the outpouring of love and support she received. The gift she seemed to covet the most was thoughtfulness. People remember her performing random acts of kindness, coming to their aide, and most importantly offering comfort to her husband and children.

And so, to honor the life of this beloved mother, wife, and socially concerned and giving citizen, the Denise Bowers-Harrison Memorial Scholarship was created. We believe it would give Denise great joy to know that even posthumously, she is helping to develop healthy and happy children, anywhere violence, disabilities, and chronic illness impact the lives of young people.

Option #1:

Good Neighbor       

“The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human and, therefore, brothers.”                                                                                                Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Option #2:

Leading with Heart

  • This scholarship honors youth who have given their time, talents and resources to care for a loved one with a long-term illness or disability.
  • The scholar befitting of this award will exemplify unselfish acts of love and kindness towards those fellow human beings, despite the sacrifices of self.

Option #3:

The Sweet 16 of 2016

  • Please apply in the category only if you applied in Spring of 2016 and received a correspondence from the foundation in December of 2016